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"If you want a solid future, you need to create it." Words by Robert Kiyosaki from his book The Business of the 21st Century.

1. Set goals.

2. Organize plan of action.

3. Set your agenda.

4. Manage your time.

5. Execute clear sequence of productive actions. 

This is a list that I created and have been able to apply to my life. Although, I'm not perfect. I have allowed myself at times to slack but the thing is... I always find my way back. The simplicity of what it really takes to make things happen is minimal to the amount of success that you can reach with disciplining yourself.


The key in your process is starting off small to perfect your craft. Your determination and focus needs to be a constant. Understand that every season of our life we are meant to learn something new. What you may've learned at age 5 doesn't apply now, right? Think of your goals and plan of action the same. Review it as time goes on and alter what is needed then execute.

So just do yourself the favor of wanting and getting more for your life! Think about what you want and envision yourself living it. Set measurable goals, write them down and track your progress. While you are building yourself remember that we all have to start from the beginning so don't give up. Have an honest and ongoing dialogue with yourself and don't be afraid to soak up all the knowledge you can find. It will absolutely change your life. 


Sincerely, Laura

Review and Execute

I figure I should be honest and let you know that there was a lot of hesitation and procrastination in the making of this post. I definitely struggled with disciplining and encouraging myself in the same way that I am trying to encourage you… but it wasn’t always like this. I’ve had to take a step back and realize (again…) that it will not be straight forward in every situation and I need to get old standards out of my mind. We are not meant to stay the same — we are meant to change and grow in every aspect. That’s why we can’t be afraid of mistakes and we have to use them to our benefit. 


I have so many thoughts and ideas — it’s easy to get overwhelmed… but I asked myself, “what is my foundation?” What is your foundation? I mean, what is it really? Take a moment, grab a pen or open “notes” in your phones and write it down. Ask yourself these questions and then continue: 


  1. What do I base my life, happiness or choices on? 

  2. Is/Are my answers in alignment with what I want my future to hold? 


These are just two simple questions to help get you started. The goal is to change your reality. Do you want an amazing and fulfilling life? Then what are you doing to work towards that? Creating a future for yourself takes determination, organization and certainty but it doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes at times. Trust me, I’m still trying to figure mine out but I know I want more than where I am now. I promise, I won’t stop until I get there so change your reality and re-evaluate. For example, the moment I replaced old habits with positive habits and bad company with sincere surroundings, my life evolved and still is because I’m constantly learning. My personal goal is to leave so much of myself for others to find and I am ready to see everyone striving towards that. 


If you're wondering how to change your reality or shift your old habits with new ones I will discuss that soon. Until then... focus, stay grounded and keep going. 

Sincerely, Laura

Change Your Reality

When I began creating this blog, my mind was all over the place and even still, I found serenity through the chaos. As I began constructing the visuals and layout, it appeared in my mind as a blank canvas. So many ideas, so many possibilities and… so… many… choices! But I regrouped and told myself it’s only uphill from here. 


Now, I have a 9-5 as do most but my creative side is summoned regularly. Anything involving design, painting, drawing and/or merely an opportunity to help others expand their minds to what they don’t know or understand through art… It’s truly uplifting and empowering to me. i.e., I want to be able to help you feel the same way through anything you are passionate about in your lives. I don’t know where your mindset is or what you believe in but I know that we were all created to stand out and be an impact in other peoples lives. So walk this journey with me. Allow yourself to be challenged. Show yourself what you can put your mind to and ultimately you will influence those around you. But it all starts with you.


My biggest hope in this is to show you that even though I don’t know you, I believe in you immensely… The question is, how much do you believe in yourself 

Sincerely, Laura

The Question

The defining moment of our lives is what we look for. The search for love. An understanding of life. A heavy concern for the things we can’t control. Somehow we find beauty and appeal in the highs and lows of everything in life. So I decided to create an experience. I’m calling this My New Aesthetic. 


The definition of aesthetic is “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty”. Let’s do just that. Instead of being held down or thrown off by the confusion of uncertainty, we need to embrace the unpredictability of it all. Stop comparing your existence to those around you and those you see and admire but probably will never know. Find what you are living for and run with it. Go harder than you’ve ever went. Strive for more than you can do right now. Appreciate yourself as much as you appreciate those people you want to be like. Be better, bolder and look higher. 


Ultimately, you are the only exception to your happiness and success.

Sincerely, Laura

My New Aesthetic

Many people are confused about why they are stuck. Even more are confused as to why they cannot change their reality. Those I've described reassure the fact that they're not taking into consideration their actions and/or their habits. 


I had a team meeting with one of my previous mentors and he gave us an example of a new born. A new born isn’t born with the talents of what being a doctor, lawyer or business executive entails. In fact, all of those professions expect a skill set that has to be learned and practiced. So let's be realistic... assuming you are starting from nothing and you have dreams of being a millionaire — shouldn't you have to learn the trade? 


We must not continue to victimize ourselves. The task will not be easy but continue to strive toward your finish line. Take notice of your surroundings, take inventory of your habits and take responsibility for your actions. Therefore, I encourage you to try something new. Let’s start small and set 2 goals for the following week. Whether it has to do with abstaining from chocolate for a week or getting your priorities in order to finally move ahead with a business idea. DON’T WAIT, START NOW. Because your purpose is waiting for you to take ahold of it.

Sincerely, Laura 

Move Forward

I honestly never thought that I’d create a blog, especially when I have literally always hated reading and writing. I truly can’t remember one report card that had an A for English. But now to be someone who has made a website dedicated to both of those things? Okay, sure. Why not? Anyway, point is, I have struggled to put more content out in the last month. It has been pretty hectic in my life but I didn’t prioritize myself in the middle of it all. So I went back to all 1,234 most recent rough drafts of mine and I found it… “I am learning how critical it is to discover yourself.” 


What does it take to discover oneself? What does it take to discover someone you just met? Well, I’ll tell you… It takes time, patience and an open mind. It’s funny how much time we will spend on something (or even someone) who adds no value to our life. What would happen if you redirected all that energy into building yourself? 


A lot of people give up so easily because it “get’s hard”, they don’t like reading or whatever else they come up with… Well. You’re going to go through things but your decisions and approach is what matters. If you don’t like reading, get on YouTube and watch something that is going to stimulate your mind… sooner or later, you are going to have to pick up A book though.

Remember : Start somewhere or end up nowhere


Granted, life has a way of working itself out and even has a way of not working out for you at all. But what decision are you going to make if or when that time comes? For those who may think they are above it all, don’t kid yourself. Everyone needs guidance. Everyone needs encouragement. Everyone needs help… So, I thought why can’t I be that? I am not perfect at all and I am figuring out my life too but I am taking the necessary steps to get there. 


So if you need help, advice or just don’t understand what I am saying? ask questions and don't be afraid to start somewhere and begin discovering who you can be.


Signing off. 


Sincerely, Laura 


July 2019

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