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this post is going to be a tad bit different... 

I've decided to ask you some questions instead of trying to come up with some miraculous jaw dropping post that I have yet to create... so I just want to start by asking you... 


what makes you, you?

how do you love spending your time?

do you have a passion?

what's your purpose in life? 

now, take a moment to breathe. it got deep real quick... but my motivation behind those questions wasn't to give you anxiety - it was to get you thinking. granted, some know the answers to those questions and typically, those are the happiest people you will ever meet. 


my goal here? I want you to be the happiest person anyone has ever met. anyone, anywhere, and in any way can inspire and influence those around them. it's truly about taking the time to discover who you are & what you love. this will make others strive to do the same. 

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