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Do you own or are you thinking of starting a business or creating your brand but aren't sure of your next step?


Specializing in Small Businesses, Designs x Laura has specifically designed a structure to get your business operational on a level and functionality specifically created for the clients' individual needs! 

Whether you provide a service or product or are an online business or have a physical location, businesses consistently go through similar circumstances and conflicts that can be detrimental to their businesses. You need to be prepared! 

Designs x Laura currently provides two (2) separate types of consultation services: Business and Organization

Step One:


Step Two:


Step Three:


"It is important to understand that your mindset sets the stage for the foundation of your business or brand." - Laura

Monthly Subscriptions and Payment Plans (varies per service) available!

* discounts available for non-profits/churches, etc. If you're wondering if you qualify, inquire to find out more!


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