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Reality Check...

“I am learning how critical it is to discover yourself.”

In the midst of my creative block, pacing to provide content, I found this statement in one of my *many* rough drafts... then it got me thinking...

What does it take to discover oneself? What does it take to discover someone you just met? Well, I’ll tell you… It takes time, patience and an open mind. It’s funny how much time we will spend on something (or even someone) who adds no value to our life. What would happen if you redirected all that energy into building yourself?

A lot of people give up so easily because it “get’s hard” or whatever other excuse we can come up with… Well. Reality check: You’re going to go through things (life) but your decisions and approach is what matters. If you don’t like reading, get on YouTube and watch something that is going to stimulate your mind… sooner or later, you are going to have to pick up a book though.

Remember: Start somewhere or end up nowhere

Granted, life has a way of working itself out and even has a way of not working out for you at all. But what decision are you going to make if or when that time comes? For those who may think they are above it all? Haha, don’t kid yourself. Everyone needs guidance. Everyone needs encouragement. Everyone needs help… So, I thought why can’t I be that? I am not perfect at all and I am figuring out my life too but I am taking the necessary steps to get there.

So if you need help, advice or just don’t understand what I am saying? Ask questions and don't be afraid to start somewhere and begin discovering who you can be.


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