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Sincerely, Laura

Many people are confused about why they are stuck. Even more are confused as to why they cannot change their reality. Those I've described reassure the fact that they're not taking into consideration their actions and/or their habits. 


I had a team meeting with one of my previous mentors and he gave us an example of a new born. A new born isn’t born with the talents of what being a doctor, lawyer or business executive in tales. In fact, all of those professions expect a skill set that has to be learned and practiced. So let's be realistic... assuming you are starting from nothing and you have dreams of being a millionaire — shouldn't you have to learn the trade? 


We must not continue to victimize ourselves. The task will not be easy but continue to strive toward your finish line. So take notice of your surroundings, take inventory of your habits and take responsibility for your actions. Therefore, I encourage you to try something new. Let’s start small and set 2 goals for the following week. Whether it has to do with abstaining from chocolate for a week or getting your priorities in order to finally move ahead with a business idea. DON’T WAIT, START NOW.

Because your purpose is waiting for you to take ahold of it.


Sincerely, Laura 

Move Forward

December 28, 18'

The Decision

Why? When? What if? How? Can I? Will they?

Endless questions. Endless answers. Unpredictable outcomes. 


There may be something that you are going through or went through that you feel whatever decision you make is detrimental to your livelihood. Although it may, no matter what decision you make, you must have faith. Whatever is meant for your life is what will happen. However, I don’t want you to take what I am saying loosely. Yes, your life will lay out as it is meant to but your decisions mark as the stones on your path. 


Even when situations get complicated, depleting and never-ending… stand tall. Ultimately, we have control of how we are going to handle or submit to any circumstance. There may be someone out there that doesn’t agree with me or thinks their story is with exception. No. You may not know the outcome of the decision you are making but you decide. You decide to be excited, angry, overwhelmed, to overcome, to succeed or to fail. Your decisions all come down to the same thing… you. 

December 21, 18'

Sincerely, Laura


When I began creating this blog, my mind was all over the place and even still, I found serenity through the chaos. As I began constructing the visuals and layout, it appeared in my mind as a blank canvas. So many ideas, so many possibilities and… so… many… choices! But I regrouped and told myself it’s only uphill from here. 


Now, I have a 9-5 as do most but my creative side is summoned regularly. Anything involving design, painting, drawing and/or merely an opportunity to help others expand their minds to what they don’t know or understand through art… It’s truly uplifting and empowering to me. i.e., I want to be able to help you feel the same way through anything you are passionate about in your lives. I don’t know where your mindset is or what you believe in but I know that we were all created to stand out and be an impact in other peoples lives. So walk this journey with me. Allow yourself to be challenged. Show yourself what you can put your mind to and ultimately you will influence those around you. But it all starts with you.


My biggest hope in this is to show you that even though I don’t know you, I believe in you immensely… The question is, how much do you believe in yourself 

Sincerely, Laura

The Question

February 15, 19'


There are two different types of people. One whom understands a plan of action and execution, whereas the other admits to defeat of the unknown. Though it being a negative and a positive, both can potentially have the same end result. Failure. Let me explain. I can organize, construct and launch a business and 3 months later, sales plummet. I close up shop and give up on all ideas because of one experience of defeat (possibly more than one)… Or I can have dreams, possible dreams, and never take action because of doubt placed in my mind by others or maybe even, myself. See? Failure.


From childhood to college years, I always had adults in my life trying to motivate me. As always it was falling along the lines of: “Never give up”, “Go for what you want”, “You can’t do these (negative) things and expect great results”, “Stop being less than what/who you are”. Well, guess what… I never listened because I thought it was just “something to say” and I was completely incorrect. If you pay attention and listen to talks from those people you look up to whether it’s Warren Buffet, , etc., it falls along the same lines from motivation others have told us. The difference most the time is that those greats actually went out, executed and accomplished versus others probably weren’t living out their dream and wanted more for you than their life. That may be harsh but it doesn’t make it wrong. 


As I got older and reflected - I realized that the solutions can’t be simplified to cliches, but rather were obvious answers.  Keep working. Stay committed. Follow through. If you fall? Get back up. Never stop. Never give up. Never bow down to defeat. You are capable. Your life, your story, your past should be motivation in itself to strive towards your dreams and aspirations. If you need someone to motivate you but you have no one? NOW YOU DO! I want to help you walk this journey for your life, just as I am walking it for myself. The moment I replaced old habits with positive habits and bad company with sincere surroundings, my life evolved and still is because I’m constantly learning. Since I began, all I’ve wanted to do is get everyone I know and even just met involved — because we cannot afford to keep living a mediocre life. 

Sincerely, Laura

Obvious Answers

February 28, 19'

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